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Peas and Cues

Valued skin like silk, valued sweat like spice.
There are ancient roads paved in grape seeds,
they just sought their home
and I’d like to tell them that one day
home will be a hotel
and solace will be found inside themselves.
New boats, with maps laid out on sawdust stuck tables
race their compasses in a magnetized spin for fame.
I would like to tell them
that the stars were beautiful before they told them where to go.
Now someone who knows the tides
is telling me about a metaphor
as if their explorations were something beyond mine.
He called the North Star Shakespeare
but I call it equally beautiful to the rest.
Forgoing life to crawl under a chapter,
I sat on a beach chair and sketched out Kim’s hair.
Forgoing understanding for the idea that life
is what I make it and I make it perfect.

22 Mar 07

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This is very good.  Very, very good.  I even checked the spelling of forgoing and found it could be that way or foregoing.  Nice job, Poet.  This is so romantic and soft.
 — Isabelle5

Excellence before my eyes.  Awesome writing.  :-)
 — starr

really nice piece. at first the first line stopped me, but as soon as i got to

and I’d like to tell them that one day  
home will be a hotel
and solace will be found inside themselves

i was hooked. went back and read it a few times. aloud. you have a magnificent voice.  looking forward to reading more.

 — ilenelush

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