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Carbon Offsets

Dear Mr. Gore:
I sent money
to the Norwegians
who plant trees in Uganda
which means I can
leave my lights on at night
without feeling guilty
as long as I don’t
use incandescent bulbs
which are still legal
here in rural Georgia
but not in the Outback.
It's just that I need
a carbon offset
a little closer to home.
He had Mexican
for lunch.
Any suggestions?

21 Mar 07

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LOL  love this...

i am partial to open letters like this. simple tone and pattern. and i laughed out loud. it was a suprise to find.

thank you
 — ilenelush

Thank you kindly!
 — unknown

love the dry sarcasm in this

agree with Ilene in the nicely simple tone and presentation - good stuff

 — Mongrol

Thank you, too Mongrol!
 — violet

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