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english hedgerow

briars bushes thorny branches
probably blackthorn
grow two to three years i guess
then chopped at the base
almost all the way through
bent over
and knitted together they
form a living fence
an english hedgerow
block my vision miles of them
of the country i try to understand
about head height
(once i fell into one and it grabbed
me like a crown of thorns)
an astonishing amount of attention
plant wait cut knit
i have not in two years
seen anyone knotting them
or met a hedgerow maker

20 Mar 07

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 — varun

 — hank

i like this, comments aside about punctuation etc, the hedgerow is a subject i've been thinking about and enjoy musing on these days quite a lot

the hedgelaying process of weaving semi-cut plants into a thick solid boundary is something ive enjoyed taking part in the past  - master of the bilhook!

dew-ponds - hedgerows - small quiet flower meadows - unmarked streams - southern heathlands - mixed deciduous forest - these are some of my personal favourite places to simply be

enough of that - one image i do really like in this piece is the hedgerow as a crown of thorns

and an answer to your 'two years' of not seeing anyone - typically a headge is laid every 15 to 20 years

a nice poem

 — Mongrol

how do?
 — varun

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