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I was bound to tell you eventually

When you asked what I had done last night,
I told you that,
        "all we did was just drive around."
Which was partly a lie.
What I should have told you was that
    we ended up
at a disreputable, rundown motel in Reno.  Scored some shit,
smoked it and then drove to the marina where we
            and talked
                  and walked
                       and talked some more.
       All while grinding my teeth and
sipping tap water from a big gulp cup.
              2 A.M. rolled around and I still hadn’t come down.
So, when I got home I sat
       glued to my computer screen until 7 or so.
With headphones on, insistent that I listen to every song
         I own.
Fell asleep after that,
  if you can call that sleep.
Woke up,
if you can call that waking up,
           still spun.
        That's what I really did last night.

If anyone can help me on this one, give me some tips on how to improve it or whatever, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

20 Mar 07

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