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Another Hit and Run

The night is young
like our lives.
The cold hits the skin, like knives,
the way your cold words hit my heart.
I should have known.
The one thing I despise
is how I could not realize
you were a lie from the start.
I should have known.
But that night when the news came
I was in the middle of the highway.
My body lay mangled on the ground,
and still your voice couldn't make a sound.
I drown in seas from rained regret,
yet still I can't forget
the way it felt to feel your hug.
I should have known.
Now the only music I can hear
is your silence deafening my ears.
Why did I have to fall in love?
Why'd I have to fall in love? (I should have known.)
But, that night when the news came
I was in the middle of the highway.
My body lay naked under your car,
and still no sign of where you are.
Then, when you finally see me,
you find a bridge to dump my body.
The salty sea burns my wounded heart
as you get back into your car.
Now still I'm sinking slowly-
still hoping you will hold me.
Silly me thinking you would care,
for you were never there.

19 Mar 07

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