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Who's Gonna Walk Me Home

It was more than just bound to happen,
it was more
like poisoned lips
and a kiss you couldn't pass up,
it was literally devil's food,
temptation abound
filling the room with more envy than lust,
trust me,
she is always worth it when in the beginning.
set phasers to stun,
she would pierce your heart with her eyes
if she could,
wouldn't care
much less think about you,
your trials
or the painstaking nights that surely followed,
consuming your soul
and swallowing you whole.
don't apologize,
take it on the chin
before you take it to heart,
before the ride begins
and the latch insecurely secures you.
If you can bring yourself to the bottom,
only to drag yourself out of the empty glass,
walk before she ever has the chance to ask you...
"who's gonna walk me home?"

18 Mar 07

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