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Move on
Let go
Just get it out of your head
How do I do this
How do I move on
I fell in love with him so long ago
The day we first met I knew he was special
Smiles an laughter made everyday better
And as we grew older the closer me an him would get
Something inside me decided to let him go
But in my heart he was still there
I told him I needed a break
But soon we would be back strong
But I waited an waited
I made him wait to long
Now hes gone
And I cant move on
How can I move on
from the only one I have ever loved
So long ago when we first fell in love
But yet its so fresh in my mind
Now after the mistakes I have made
I regret my choices
All I want is to turn
Turn back the hands of time
All of it was infront of me
So obvious
The right choice was there
But instead I took him for granted
I expected him to  always be there
To wait an wait for me
So now what I did to him he is doing to me
Too little too late is what he said
But that is a concept I can’t grasp
I love him with everything I have
I want him back in my life no matter the task
So now with a heart shattered I have lost my soulmate
He was MY REASON for the smiles on my face
Without him in my life in my heart is an empty space
So I will wait for him as he did for me
All I can do is hope
For him to come back to me

my first one so don't be to harsh..

18 Mar 07

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well i love this one. reminds me of a break up i just had
 — unknown

honestly it sounds like you should as a wise man once said "let it burn" bitch
 — unknown

fuck that shit it makes me want to vomit blood
 — unknown

vomit blood? wow thats kinda weird
 — ursutherngrl

I personally like it. It reminds me of a pet that i once had. Yes, old Scrappy Doo and I used to spend hours on the basketball court just laying there gazing into the clouds marveling at their beauty. Of course that was before he hanged himself by the net. But oh yea the poem was good too.

            ;          &nbs p;          &nb sp;          R.I.P. Scrappy Doo
 — unknown

fuckin yeah, it's that intense. also it's depressing, get this shit off of here.
 — unknown