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Product of the Vietnam War

While drunk he described the hauntings
Disturbing his every unconscious dream
In the Vietname War he lived in horror
He stayed perfectly high
Trying to hide behind the heroine, coke and anything
to erae the frightned boy at 18
One night high as a kite
His friends meddled with a granade
Like hot potato it fell in his hands
He threw it as it flamed
A little girl was in the way
It blew off her innocent face
There in pure disbelief he cried
His friends began to laugh with satisfaction
Instead his stomach twisted
He searched for the night high to appease
hicrying need to forget
To this day at 58 the empty vodka bottle
He grips
Exploited, destroyed, the Vietnam Vet with
Sad eyes awkes in the middle of the
Night to exploding bombs
And terrygying screams
Along with one hard laugh
He never can forget.

18 Mar 07

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