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The critic

He stated the obvious
with such certitude
missing the point entirely
he reduced her words
to the limits of his
Those poets he flattered
as being of like mind
spent many an hour
on revision.

18 Mar 07

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"he stated the obvious with such certitude"

What would one state it with? Doubt? That wouldn't make very much sense at all.
 — InMyBlood

Why state the obvious at all Inmyblood?  as in ' missing the point entirely' but thanks for asking
 — unknown

Sometimes you just need to state the obvious to put everything in perspective.
 — InMyBlood

Ooh, someone's a little butthurt about critique. Speaking of which, this poem needs some.
You have two concepts that do not contrast well. I suggest limiting it to one and expanding it. The double-enters do nothing for it, as well.
 — FangzOfFire

One could state the obvious with the conviction that it is true. (in their mind or perspective) I like the twist of the ending and the humor. Those poets he flattered as being of like mind went out to revise and make certain they were actually nothing like him. Pretty "spot on" humor I'd say, and a pretty good rebuttal I'd say too.
 — sandburger

Thanks Sandburger,  FangzofFire and In My Blood.  The range of responses is one of the interesting things here.  It's great to know someone is reading.  Yes it was intended to be funny as i think the frustration of being utterly misunderstood, or to put something in to play against and be absolutely overlooked is likely to happen to anyone who is not stating the obvious with cliches.  I am considering punctuation but even then I think some readers my not follow the irony.
 — unknown