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My final thoughts on god

Brilliance is a subjective state of mind attempting to find one truth within a sea of myths.

18 Mar 07

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Very profound.

 — PollyReg

 — jittery

why don't you try formatting your statements
more into one stanza, at least?
 — varun

Profound indeed, you sum up my many doubts and hopes in this short and to the point poem.
 — angrychick

thanks guys.

i like it in one sentence.
its more of one complete thought.
 — jittery

Why don't you elaborate on the thought?
 — unknown

is god the brillant state of "wading" through the sea of maya?  If god is timeless, then there is no action, all states exist in time (action/movement).  states are myths like time.
 — esg1

just a thought
 — esg1