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To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern:
We, the undersigned,
Do hereby assert that
We no more accept
Your feeble construal
Of that which we embody,
And we respectfully
Request that you desist
The placement of our names
Throughout  your casual
Verse, so that we may
Be no further defamed.
Your understanding in
This time of mistaken
Identity is crucial, and
We very much value
Your attention in
This sensitive matter.
Most sincerely,
Anger, Beauty, Death,
Emptiness, Happiness,
Hope, Life, Love, Pain,
Peace, Sadness, Suffering,
And associates.
Post Scriptum:
We would be delighted
To see ourselves portrayed
In a thoughtful light.

18 Mar 07

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i have an unconscious list of words that will stop me from reading poetry. and geez how do i love thee.....the countless mundane ways. and lovesickness-bah.

'i trace...' bah
'pon... use the whole frigging word

poems about cutting can be put to rest. i understand the pain, but get a diary with a lock and a key.

thank you
 — ilenelush