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you don't know how much

I want to:
fall in between your arms and feel the rhythm of your breath against my neck
feel the twitching of your foot against the table leg
see the nervous look in your eye when  I walk in the room
hear the sigh of relief when you hear my voice
fight with you for passion's sake
tell you the truth.

17 Mar 07

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 — SweetPain

This is something. Not exactly sure what... but it's something. If anything,  please fix line seven.  
 — unknown

 — SweetPain

 — SweetPain

I don't get line 3, how do you feel the foot twitching against the table leg? To be honest, I don't think that line is necessary as it adds nothing and sort of breaks the thought flow of the rest. Apart from that, I like this. I feel for you not being able to tell him/her the truth but the truth is the only way (in most cases) even if you don't get the reaction you want.
 — angrychick

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