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I Whine About Acne on My Face

Sweater embroidered with vomit,
chafing abrasions,
staring at the incision with blank eyes,
each lacunae of dead skin spelled
moments of misery.
Eyes pronouncing hope in capital letters
cataracts have their attempts in vain.
Each wrinkle narrates of the rains endured,
just five toes in one leg
are enough to keep him busy,
busier than the two-legged mortals,
enough to have his sadness cured.
And I whine about acne on my face.

17 Mar 07

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haha! i whined about them too..then i go pop the zits.
 — miss_minx

Great message in this poem, makes me think how lucky I am, just to have suffered acne I mean. I did more than whine too!
 — angrychick

thx for your comments miss_minx and angrychick (you got the implied message here :-))
 — trochee

L2: should it be "staring at"?
well done,
 — jenakajoffer

thnx jen .. i forgot that "at".
 — trochee

perhaps you should think
about a face
 — chuckles

I have however, its beyond my budget.
 — trochee

Have compassion for others but don't neglect your own wounds.
 — unknown

alright wise sage... thnx for reading
 — trochee

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