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Kansas wasn't good enough

Green green grass wasn't good enough for her,
nor was her papa's cornfield at high noon.
Not even her grandma's summer garden
could serve as a pallete to her fashion.
So she took some pills and sang all night
and in the morning left for New York.
She got hit by a truck while alighting from the bus.
It's interesting, because a passer-by took a photo
and her blood and brains inspired a cardigan
for the fall-winter collection at DKNY.

15 Mar 07

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interesting story. the title is brilliant. i got a wonderful visual here.

green green grass, the cornfield, summer garden.

then bam! smashing piece.

thank you
 — ilenelush

Did Marry Babb write this?
 — unknown

Yes, Mary wrote this. Who else could have?
 — unknown

Good stuff. However, I think more background info would be useful. Excellent ending by the way! Matter-of-fact style yet not terribly rhythmic, and I like it!
 — bleach

Lovely little epitath, this is very clever and satisfying in its brevity and simplicity of form.
 — unknown

Good work, Fallen.
 — unknown

Thanks guys! I'm not "fallen" or Marry Babb" by the way!
 — callingcard

Good poem, fallentears.
 — unknown

callincard stole this from Mary.
 — unknown