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Utopia Street, 70

I live in Utopia Dream,
In Utopia Street at 70.
Summer loving and act parade,
in winter days sun kiss your hair.
And I‘ve seen some things that could prove that I’m alive.
I don’t believe in Time, I think it just doesn’t exist at all.
I believe in a couple of eyes cut away from home.
I see a million of words dancing in  heads
Instead of heats they even don’t know they are signed on.
It’s so simple to understand what’s real and what’s not.
I don’t believe in writing letters, they look so strange when I stare;
I feel so naked when I am not wearing my brain in front of you.
I don’t believe in religions cause they sounds so obviously fake to me
but listen,
I’m not criticizing your way, I’m just explaining mine.

15 Mar 07

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yikes...not really saying much...diary entry central...
 — unknown

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