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I love my Lovebear,
who I dream and care.
Lives in Chicago Bears city,
of the team I love dearly.
I have flashbacks of her in my mind,
it's like StarOcean-'Til the End of Time.
She's dear to me and kind,
she's so lady and fine!  
Boy I love me velar,
Dear cad am i won her.
Boy, I vast a Science Chi-Girl;
ad ever may feel hot toil.
I'm half-shy kind of shame vibrance,
Skim to fit hot talented resilience.
Head to dream kindness,
a shy, ideal fondness.

Also at http://nerol.flowers.googlepages.com

Nerol Flowers is not my REAL NAME.

It was hard doing ANAGRAM POEM 1.  I needed computer help to find some words.  As I soon keep doing this, I'll get better at ANAGRAM POEMs without the aid of the computer.

15 Mar 07

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