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'Two thirds of what you see
occurs behind your eyes.'
She wears gloves whenever
she needs to sleep.

Old Chinese Proverb modified


15 Mar 07

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wise man say wear gloves or u ll get stinky finger
 — unknown

I don't get it...
 — wendz

latex can palliate  a filthy mind
 — unknown

nice poem.
 — varun

wendz, i'd say it means

we all live
and with
our own

 — varun

though, i think it might be better to relate the proverb to do something with sight, like a direct derivation? but that's the first thought you must have had.
this works well, because i explain it as 'the mind's eye'. and so it works very well perhaps...

 — varun

varun is correct.
 — unknown

the disorder is primarily mental in origin requiring treatment of the exterior.
 — unknown

 — varun

rejoice varun.

this is nice. i especially like lines 3 and 4. nothing more to add really.
 — Esoteric

Ooh, I get it. Nice! I initially was looking for the connection between discrimination and the gloves, and just couldn't figure anything except for "blind hands" :S

Tre cool pome.
 — wendz

i will. i am. -ing that is...
 — varun