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worth the weight

this face, a full moon  
owning my reflection;  
and dumplings smothered
in gumdrop tears.  
blue, concave lenses  
add ten;  
society's camera adds  
twenty more  
weighless pounds of
mirror, mirror  
what was I thinking?  
this breadbox bottom rolls by--
only to stare in the dark
and I won't swallow my knuckles.
forgive me
if these sausages
grease your hair,
I'm sorry--
the dough in my mouth
gags me;  
what a pity I
can’t laugh with you,  
are there any other jokes  
besides me?

the mirror lies.
beauty found inside,
lasts a lifetime
(thank you).

14 Mar 07

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eh. some good ideas, but don't have a real good sense of the N. underdeveloped but better than most of the trash on this site.
 — unknown

fair enough, but what's the "N"??
 — jenakajoffer

hell, that's pretty good.  mirrors can be a bitch.
 — unknown

I read this elsewhere, but no, it didn't come through in the email.
If I go back to 'elsewhere' will I find the original? There were parts of the other that I really liked - I think you edited them out.

Stay you.

 — unknown

yes, you'd find it elsewhere.  funny you should say, "stay you", someone gave me editing assistance with this version.  still finding who "you" is, so
thank you,
 — jenakajoffer

I love it.  I love the flow, the subject matter and the honesty that permeates the poem.  Yes, Jenn, "Stay you."  Love, Starr
 — starr

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