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It Was Not a Hug

It was not a hug
It was a hurricane
spinning us both
rocking our world
shaking love’s foundations
eradicating boundaries of
comfort and ease
This is not goodbye
This is hello
to loneliness
and missing you
thoughts of
kissing you
and that hug
But it was not a hug
It was a tsunami
soaking my soul
drenching your heart
tearing us apart
pushing us together
This is not a phone call
This is a contract
spiritually binding
eternally reminding
you and I
that hug
But it was not a hug
It was an earthquake
ripping at the ground
beneath our wings
sinking the buildings
around us
not us
This is not love
This is hell
Love is kind
Love lets you be
Love is loneliness
Hell always stays
with you
without your permission
refusing to ignore
that sore spot
on your heart
everything is dark
because of
that hug
But it was not a hug

I've never tried to write this kind of poetry before. It's a little close to home, considering it is based on an actual moment in my life. I like toying with the idea of love and what it means to different people in the last paragraph.

13 Mar 07

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Not bad, considering it's your first of this kind.  It's a bit long and begins to drag after line 36, in my opinion, because you begin to really bog it down in emotion.  It was fairly loose (cliched a bit but not too bad) until then.

Perhaps condensation will help.  
 — Isabelle5

hurricanetsunamiearthquake too simple, too predictable.
 — unknown

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