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a priest named me the devil

I smile
You look at me
with the eyes of a child
who just found out
the monster under the bed is real
and it's fucking mommy
The priest was right

12 Mar 07

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"You look at me  2
with the eyes of a child  3
who just found out  4
the monster under the bed is real"

Excellent simile. The rest doesn't do it for me but I probably don't understand it. Care to elaborate?

 — musicwords

haha, what pray tell did the preist have to say?
 — bowiegirl

he called me the devil because i unknowingly tempted my boyfriend into breaking his lent promise... which i found highly entertaining, actually
 — caustic

Again...another one that makes me giggles ^_^
 — totalyLost

Took me a while to get this but now I do I think it''s very clever, you wicked woman you, lol
 — angrychick

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