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Cup Song!

Sweet darling made of plastic
I never knew you could dance
Towering cabinets open and close
While you climb up to your shelf
Spoons and cups!
Skip with them and move
As you fly in and out
Of your magical kitchen
Sweet darling made of plastic
I never knew you could sing!
Lazy Susan’s spinning around
While you sip out your song
Sing with me of
Straws and soup bowls and
Bottles and tumblers
You are so amazing
Sweet darling made of plastic
I never knew you had so much magic
Crystal, plastic, and clay
We had so much fun today!
We had so much fun today
Let’s make this everyday.

This is a song...I'm thinking of removing the last 2 lines, but it might fit when put to music.

12 Mar 07

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could use punctuation
horrible ending, not much to say
could use work
 — ohnosynapse

thanks!  (;
 — ducktape

haha why do you do the ;) backwards? nice poem.... really "uplifting" haha
 — mr_e

haha why do you do the ;) backwards?hehe nice poem.... really "uplifting" haha
 — mr_e

(;  It's my very own smiley face.  If I were a smiley face, I would wink that way, and my eye would wink on that eye, and I think my eyes do not wink in that direction anyway.  I like (; a lot.  I've been doing it for years.  When I created (; I never knew there was such a thing as backwards or forwards when it came to typing smileys.  (; My one and only.  (;
 — ducktape

aw...thats so sweet and funny... you should write a poem about that- it'd be a quirky read...
 — mr_e

That is such a great idea, mr e!  Thanks!  I think I might do that.  It would be a quirky read, and I'd love it.  lol.  (;
 — ducktape

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