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a Vanished calling (read aloud)

Reissue/revision of an October poem
very slowly...
A rag man re-
arranged his shuffle
—must look smarter
for rich Mrs. Doudy.
"Any rags today kindly Mizz Doudy?"
"My oldest silks
are too fine
for you."
"Thank you 'for you'
thank you Mizz Doudy."
A rag man re-
arranged his shuffle—
no one to-day adds cloth to his duffle.
He turned to rundown
lackaday lane—where no flowers
grow where a rag man has lain
long under stars—
stirred only by sweeps—
his fibers are rag pa-
per faintly inked.
It is here that he
over all of forever.

10 Mar 07

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reid recites it
 — netskyIam

The only thing wrong with this poem is the forum in which it is posted.
 — unknown

fascinating nets and the reading adds to it

 — unknown