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like Mark Ruffalo

I'm almost sure you're interested
but brush off that thought
like crumbs on my lap while eating
in front of the t.v.
better to move onto something else.
not think about what I should not think about.
I swear I saw you drive by my house yesterday.
my thoughts argue with each other like long married couples with different opinions.
I switch to obsessing over Mark Ruffalo.  It's safer and I know that can never happen for sure.
Not because he's married but because
I haven't a chance in hell of meeting him
this far from Hollywood.
You, I've met, but just have to ignore.
Unless, of course, you ask me outright.
That I couldn't ignore.
But like Mark, not likely to happen.

9 Mar 07

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oh yes. camus said something like 'god having gone out of fashion, we tend to fixate on each other' and that is wrong because we are not ever fixed marks...

much better to obsess over a movie star. they will always be the same. some far far away ideal.

enjoyable poem. interesting dialogue. i understand this well. unfortunately
 — ilenelush

great stuff!
 — jittery


Like ilenelush, I too know this.

Thanks for the read.
 — PollyReg

Is spunky Rafallo boy married really. That guy is a definite sort

 — unknown

i stopped obsessing about movie stars some years ago,
once you've stopped obsessing about movie stars you can't go back to that.
hold on to your ruffalo obsession 'till you can.
i quite liked the brushing off image, pity some crumbs will always get stuck in the folds.
 — photobooth

thank you all for the great comments.  I'm stuck in the folds of obsession.  might be another poem in that!  I tend to get obsessed easily but not just with actors.  Ruffalo is married to some model/actress named sunshine coigney I think.  he could do better!  I am glad I am mostly busy so as not to dwell too much on the unavailable.
 — changeling

I enjoyed the poem though I have no idea who Mark Ruffulo is!
 — kendell