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Not In My Name.

A mother's tear slips from her
aging face, drowning the warping
wood beneath her feet in fear and
despair; her eldest son will sail
to foreign soil,
no: sand,
this day.
A war begins today.
As the tear drop echoes off
the deck, a twisted butterfly
effect, the tears of a sharp-
nosed, leathery, ancient man flow,
forced out by the gas as
his children and grandchildren
and wife, enemies of Democracy,
had been such a short while back.
He stops, straightens his posture,
and takes his stand.
The war begins today.
A thousand rounds for every minute
pummel the tiny, mud shack. A young
mother, age fourteen, lies motionless,
a trail of darkened blood lengthening
from the corners of her mouth.
The baby will be silenced soon.
The father rises from beneath
the tin-roof rubble.
His war begins today.
A flag-draped box of finest manufactured
cedar was carried, amid 21-gun fire
and Taps, through my town square this
morning. The propaganda spreads like a
bubonic fever, infecting the crowds with
pride for their dead son. They haven't
seen the enormous, gushing hole
in the back of his clean-cut head.
My friend is carried among swine
in front of my tear-swollen eyes.
My war begins today.
But wars are begun not by spilled
blood of innocents, not in honour of
long-dead champions of valour.
War is only truly begun when done
in name.
In the name of the ambitious, the
influential, the powerful, and the
cutthroat; the unaffected, the
conservative, and the religion-
ridden radicals. In the name of
cowboy justice, diplomatic immunity,
moneymaking schemes, and pro-
paternal aspirations. In the name of
God him-Almighty-self, Allah, and Yahweh.
But never, not in dreams untold,
in the name of a weeping mother.
Not in the name of a fiery,
idealistic, resolute guerilla fighter.
Not in the name of a young father, forced
to bury his children and wife.
Not in my name.

"Not in our name
will you wage endless war;
there can be no more deaths,
no transfusions of blood for oil"

"Not by our hearts
will we allow whole peoples
or countries to be deemed

"We pledge resistance.
We pledge allegiance with those
who have come under attack
for voicing opposition to war
or for religion or ethnicity."

"Another world is possible
and we pledge to make it real."

8 Mar 07

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