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Fuck Revisited


7 Mar 07

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What a pathetic waste of good space.  This is how untalented people write "poems."  
 — Isabelle5

spell check line 1 please
 — chuckles

 — bleach

i think this is hilarious. I know it's not a poem, but i love how it instantly changed my mood and made me feel somewhat light. thank you for this random peice of you that you were so genorous to share.
 — unknown

why is this hilarious?  Explain how this word, expanded, made you laugh.  
 — unknown

hi, thanks for the comments yup sounds weird but i have no concept of what a poem is nor what music is just words and sounds it's the compositional rhetoric i "lack". i guess i'm either different or untalented and who needs an opinion on that? not me. it's fun:)
 — kimado

Best poem ever! Definitely! XDDDDD
 — Bees

It is NOT a poem!  This is a word, a potty word at that, strung out.

This is the 'poetic' equivalent of a cross in urine, as far as I am concerned.  
 — Isabelle5

This gives me the very same warm feeling as good lesbian porn.
 — unknown

Fuck! This is fucked!!
 — unknown

Dit-Da-Dee u retard!
 — BondageLover