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What I would do...

what would i do with one more day,
many people would ask god for forgivness
or try and change the world
me, well I'd go hiking one last time with
my brother, or go hunting with my dad
just to see if he really does have
the better shot. I'd bake one more cake
with my grandma-just to make sure
i have the recipe down. I'd go
drink a few beers with my best friends,
take pictures we were always too
embarrassed to take, i'd go kiss that boy
in fifth grade that i
always meant to. I'd go shopping
and spend money that i will never
need, i'd say 'hello ma'am' or
'mister' to every person i met on
the street. I would light off fireworks,
play one more game of basketball, drive
a four-wheeler, go through town with my
horn blaring, dance in the rain, i would
go a day without shaving my legs
and why...because life deserves to be celebrated.
yes, every one of us would love to go back
in time to that one moment where
we took the left instead of the right,
where we missed our train for sucess,
but celebrate! Accept the wrongs and dance
for your faults and challenges...because
we've only really be given
just one more day!

7 Mar 07

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good. it reminds me of a 60 year old man i work with who's never experienced the little things
 — starwars

i had to come back to this, is it not sad that even though after reading this poem, most of us will go back on the street with our ghostly expressions, and not say a word, just live on emotionless, and all of this, just to remain in our comfort zones.
 — starwars

Punctuation!!!  Do you have one more day or are you going back in time?  You can't kiss the boy in 5th grade unless you go back in time and then it's not just one day, you're looking at years back.

Which is it?  Please create some white space in this, for the reader's sake.  Spell check would be helpful, too.  

I like the idea, just not the presentation.

 — Isabelle5

i really really love this poem, don't even listen to the comment before this, you did such a great job! The dynamics of going through one more day is great!
 — unknown

Excuse me, I commented because I think it would help the poem be better.
 — Isabelle5

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