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Ozymandias was over rated

and when we rape their virgins
and put ashes on the heads of whores,
was it the end? or was it just me?
was i blind or really able to see?
So what do i do to escape this madness?
do i crawl back into the silence of the howling voices on the clear night sky?
"how can this go on? is humanity just a dream"
said the old man
as the sword plunged into his soul
the sea never should have been red
we never should have remained dead
so is it the madness under the desert sun?
or is it the sadness of Helen in far off Troy?
was it the screams of jews in the foggy showers,
that let Ozymadias fade away?
so let the traveller tell his tales and listen well should the patient man,
never to ever wonder how the promise of a grand brutal king let slip,
under the desert sky...

4 Mar 07

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The tense of line 1 doesn't seem to match the tense of L3. It seems like L3 should be "will it be the end" or something similar.

L5 In place of "So what do I do to" a simple "How to " would suffice.
 — rocket

don't speak of oxymandias.

he just wanted to sleep.
 — bologna

how dare you besmirch the great alex!
 — Mongrol

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