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these are just words

Words are shots,
of which you may hear the echoes
depending on
whose smoking barrel
they escaped.
Words are
more beautiful when they
flow in perfect metre
from the pen of Shakespeare;
more evil when they
goose-step with spit particles
out of Hitler's mouth;
more true when they
throw themselves at your feet
dripping with the hemlock of Socrates;
when they stumble
over your lips on their way out
to evaporate in a world
that isn't listening.
Does the fingerprint
on the trigger
change the velocity
or reality of the bullet
travelling through the chambers
of your heart?
The author-function is dead;
these are just words.

4 Mar 07

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Does the fingerprint  21
on the trigger  22
change the velocity  23
or reality of the bullet  24
travelling through the chambers  25
of your heart?

no, but it can change how it feels to one as it's received.

Interesting poem.
 — unknown

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