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the sound of her voice

The sound of her voice
The sound of her voice penetrating my ears like a horse fly eating away at the backs of horses. The random tears clouding my eyes my soft hand gently rubbing them away the sound of my heart breaking into bits like glass breaking on the floor. The look of her face pressuring me to come and say I’m sorry. The sound of her voice making a void in my stomach the smack of her lips as they say there hateful words. The crack of her tongue like a whip at a reasons festival. The sound of her lips moving up and down saying can we stars this over again. My words digging deep into hers telling her how I feel. Her expression representing her words as she says fine with a unwilling goodbye. Her one voice making me feel so very vulnerable and insecure. The sound of her voice.

4 Mar 07

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"gentaly "stomack" "vonarable" "rememberance"

Ouch! Make it stop.  
 — unknown

mother titty fuck.

hello kitty.

i want to destroy you.
 — bologna

uuuuu... thnks bologna
i think tht was kinda weird but ok
 — writenbylove

This is really strange.  You have written "the sound of her voice" three times before the reader gets in to the actual poem. Get rid of one of them!  

You have several phrases, several unfinished sentences but there is actually nothing significant here for the reader.  

Your spelling is pathetic, the point unclear, the emotion flat and uninteresting.

Why are you trying to write a poem?  If this is an example of your best, you might want to take up another hobby, Poet.  

You didn't even bother to spell check or write complete thoughts.  That is very disrespectful to the poem, don't you think?  
 — Isabelle5

You didn't even spell your own handle right!  
 — Isabelle5

you know isabelle5 i dont really give a shit if i spelled somethin incorectly and i dont personaly care what you think about my poetry if you dont think its good enough then go fuck off
 — writenbylove

you go girl.
 — bologna

and also i thought this was a sight were you went and gave feedback on what they could change but no miss little perky has to go off and say well i think your poem sucked and that i had so many spelling erors and that i ahve verything terible and in complete. well maybe you dont have to be good at something to like it maybe your just afraid of seeing someones diffrent poin tof view about things. and i thought that poets were open minded people not ones to judge but obviously your not a poet so have fun making your self feel better by loosing your friends, and i only spelled my name tg the way i did cause the letters wouldnt fit unless i did that and for all the people that see this i think that isabelle5 has no sense of pride if she has to go around making her self feel better by calling people under her stadis dubm shits
 — writenbylove

i <3 u.

be my valentine.
 — bologna

boy or gurl???
 — writenbylove

i gurl i think u know tht, u got a myspace???
 — writenbylove

i boy.

u girl

u cute

u think i is myspace.
 — bologna

no i think i say do u have myspace???
 — writenbylove

oh ok u think ur myspaceok srry i like this lot time
 — writenbylove

blush, blush, blush... how old is thy boy???
 — writenbylove

ok no im confused talking to my self again slap face i need to get new friends lol
 — writenbylove

i think
your allbeef wiener-friend
changed his mind...?

well...i am an open-minded person.
Fair and unusually understanding even with the most unpoetic pieces,
but please,
do fix the incoherent areas so I can actually read this and continue my nauseating trip down friendly, Fair Lane.
 — unknown

a alright
 — writenbylove

let me talk to your father. i want to ask him for your hand in marriage.
 — bologna

ahhh who??? cause you know it's no ofence but way way to early if ur talking bout me
 — writenbylove

silly girl. you have no say on the matter. now give me your father's number. quick. we are wasting precious child-bearing minutes.
 — bologna

well im srry my good sir but i think that i have turned faint in your awaykinging arms
i dont even know if you have thy myspace
my face grows reder with every letter i see
i want to luv but thy dont even know how old u are
 — writenbylove

by the way you dont have to tell me those things if you dont want to
this is a sucky poem i rote bout a day agoDo you find who you really are???

Almost all people will say there’s a time in your life when you find your self and understand your self and there’s this age that when it normally happens but what if you don’t find your perpose what if it slips through your fingers like water what if you think you know it but it doesn’t seem exactly rite what if you know who you are and understand but what if you understand but people question you or think of that as incorrect what if life isn’t supposed to be and seems pointless what if life is a fase a thing that when you die you just are sort of stuck. What if you r a person who believes that you can control the world around you because you make it up. What happens when you die if you beleiven god and you go to heven then what or if you go to hell then what if your someone that believes on reincarnation and you thought you wanted to be a sertan  creture but end up being the opposite what if god does really exist and every one that ever said you were goin to hell cause you didn’t believe in god mocked  you and say told you so. What then what if you did go to hell then what would it be like would there really be people being totured or would it just be something were you just are garrded by satin or somthin what if you are reincarnated and you become something you didn’t expect what happens then what if you’re a trapped soul and have no place to go what if you seem to not understand when you really do what if people critisize what if life goes down amd all humanity is destroyed what if there really are things in the dark that you think are only in your dreams what if life is just something, just something
 — writenbylove

I don’t know what to say

I wish I wasn’t so dumb
I wish I could say the right things on the net
I wish I understood what life realy is
I wish I could realy see btu the rain never stops here
Why do I always say the apperintally right things and then act like a sex affender when im only a kid
I wish I want so disturbed and out there somewere difrent then everoneelse I wish I wasn’t an outcast I wish people didn’t pretend to like me
But wishing cant help
 — writenbylove

live in the night.

there may be enough stars burning. for you to smile.
 — bologna

thnks srry if i creeped u out or somthin
 — writenbylove

creep me.

ha. cute.
 — bologna

You need to read more books, lovey.  Lots and lots of books, preferably with content that has an opinion on those things that you question - life, me, love, me, God, me, etc.

Bologna, it will always puzzle me how so many twits on this site miss what you offer.  Mirror, mirror on the wall..
 — unknown

i dont beleiven luv
 — writenbylove

or god
 — writenbylove

i want a drench coat so bad!!!!!
and a top hat tht would b awsome!!!
 — writenbylove

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