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Mzee Moon

The portly moon hangs low,
full and reclining over Nairobi.
He tucks in the babies
as they squall in the slums,
and lights the rutted path home
for the men who drink their bus fare.
To me, he leans back and asks,
"nipatie chai?"
I don't answer, but I sip my own mug;
and let my eyes wander to counting
the stars who attend him soundlessly,
like polygamous wives.

Mzee: respected older man
Nipatie chai?: aren't you going to give me some tea?

4 Mar 07

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I think this is just beautiful.
 — starr

here's to the hope that bus careens off a cliff.

nipatie chai?

yes. i'll use an enema.

i went to starbucks and asked for chai. we drink chai.

and they gave me some white liquid vomit.
 — bologna

Chai in Kenya is different from what they call chai at Starbucks.  Chai in Kenya is what British and Americans call tea.
 — jerotich

no shit.

i am afghan.

we call it chai too.

you aren't the only cool kid in the sandbox. but you are the only one that smells of curry and scrotum sweat.
 — bologna

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