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First flush

I am Solvent
All the unrequited sentiments  
Of my enamoured heart
Are gone
And now I’m in the black
In the money of your
Frank and easy smiles,
And though I could dissolve
Awash with tears
If your arms loosened hold
I wasn’t dreaming
When I lay
For a few seconds
There was a dual

4 Mar 07

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why no comments on this poem?
 — unknown

because it was just posted today, because the author hasn't commented on many other poems and because it's not very good.
 — unknown

potty training is a bitch.
 — bologna

why are you leaving comments like potty training is a bitch on my poems you puerile individual
 — skyline

Is this all one sentence or 15 sentences? Capitalize to show where a new thought starts, instead of every line.  I love lines 1-3.  and then 13-15. Perhaps think about making this into paragraphs too, so that each thought really has a chance to deliver its punch.
 — SteelAngel

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