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Red Snow

Parachute-less high above the earth,
I watch a snowflake fall,
and this is how it happens.
Tiny snowflake forms within a cloud,
so frail, I thought it would fall apart,
my heart yearns for snowflake.
As I, gliding down with it peered,
its inner beauty,
the yellow sun behind.
Snowflake Multicolor radiance,
like diamond brillance,
kaleidoscopic lightbeams.
O how I love you snowflake,
so perfect, intricate, etheral,
I will lie down with you.
As I plummet to the gound, I see snowflake,
gently touching others, becoming snow.
My life blood covers the winter scene.

4 Mar 07

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tell me this is a joke.

better yet. eat shit and die.
 — bologna


The poem is a kind of macabre joke on everyone's life, but I know that is not the intention of your words, but you were not too far off and as to the second piece of constructive criticism, we all do.

I am honored to have you comment on my poem. You are making yourself a huge reputation on this site, infamous as you know. I am more bothered by your troubled self than with your comments. I wish you well and hope that whatever it is that is bothering you will be resolved within yourself.
 — Fallen

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