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Sunday Bloody Sunday

You dont even have to read it.
Who will read it.
I needed to get it out.
The feeling makes it worth something
Not the way it flows
The rythm.
I hate it when people write just for the ratings.
I love to impress.
I'm tired of trying lately.
The end.

Taking Back Sunday.
Can I take it...can i take it back?
Can I take back the smoke filled room
Where you slept
And i lie awake.
Your questioning my face staring into the mirror
Across from the bed.
My reflection.
Who am I again?
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Why am I?
Why is that boy sitting in that chair
Smoking away his health
Why are there people in the bed next to us.
Why are they under the covers together when
They just met.
Why does she make me feel guilty for
Not being a person of lesser value
Why do you make me feel guilty
For not being her
Why are you telling me to lay back down
When you cant even sit up
These words come out like vomit
From last nights addictions
I'm saying things but theyre never really sounds
Where are these thoughts going?
My feelings, I've been thinking
It hurts me thinking
Maybe you dont really
Maybe I shouldnt even
My worst has always brought out the best in you.
When I break promises.
You always want me more.
When I start new habits that take out the meaning in life
Stop telling me how proud.
When I cry and you actually reciprocate
When I yell and you finally listen.
Why not when I'm being beautiful?
Why does that make you fall apart
Why dont you ask me to stop ripping myself apart
Why dont you say you love the way I help people
Why dont you admire my good intentions
This time.
Its you.
I need you,
You need to.
Change for the better.
Instead of bringing out the worst in me.
What makes me better than everyone else
Makes you
Poems Ryhme.
I've broken rules.
I've got a story.
The ratings on this one
Dont go so high.
So i'm taking back sunday.
The day
You took away
The meaning behind
My name.

3 Mar 07

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The song is better.

Hell, even George Bush singing the song is better.
 — Bombazine

i like this alot
 — unknown