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Sick Perfection

What won't we do to be perfect for the man we love?

Equals perfection
That’s my goal.
Sell my soul
Just to give you what you want
A pretty little trophy for you to flaunt
Nothing matters so long as I’m tiny
And look good in a bikini,
I promise I’ll be so thin
You’ll barely feel me as you go within,
I swear you won’t even feel me at night.
As I lie beside you
Reminding myself why I do this for you.
My reason is this;
I need your kiss.
If I fail to be perfect
And develop some horrid defect,
You’ll leave and I’ll die
I vow to continue to try
And loose this ghastly weight,
The flawless body I will create.
I’ll become the perfect sick perfection.

3 Mar 07

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I hate trying to be perfect
Everytime i think i dont need to be
One of THOSE girls walk by..those girls that have become what you know
they want
the guy. that person you have to impress.
and you feel guilty
ACTUALLY feel guilty for not being
bulliemic or anorexic
for eating.
for being natural.

i love this poem.
 — BloodySunday

this isn't structured properly at all.
but i like it because its what i feel everyday
i think you really need to work on lines 18 - 22 they ruin it for me
maybe something like;;

My reason is this;    
if i fail to become the flawless body  
and lose this ghastly weight
you'll leave and i'll die    [not sure about this line]
i will become the perfect sick perfection

i love lines 1 & 2
and the last line.
 — unknown

thank you for the comment, I will work on it and play with the wording.
Real men love real women, and real women eat and have beautiful curves and look healthy.  The models we see on tv and the celebrities aren't real people.  Thank you very much for your comment I hope you continue to be natural and find the man who loves you for that.
 — Unbelievable

I'm a man.  I like it -- especially lines 12-16.
 — shallee

this was sickly cliched, and the poem was terrible. However, I'm a recovered anorexic- so I hope you can get well if this was written in first person. Embrace yourself it's what life is about.
 — Grimmiae