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she stretched
forever the length of my vinyl couch her words they
flowed as water flows from dark soil, and
underneath her blue silk blouse of evening flowers she invited
seduction, and what the lights did to her lips how the shadows
blessed her body, slowly, I forgot to be decent again
          slowly, I unlearned decency.
an incandescent bulb
flickered non-rhythmical breaths of
exhaled broken light - my fingers twitched beneath the desk
begging to creep along skin with blackened
finger-nails digging to break her.
she was dark was singularity: moral relativism's womb,
opportunity uncertain of its own bloom,  
she was a beggar open mouthed, was stillness.
she chewed clock - while her saliva dripped the hours
softened tips felt along the couch's edge her slender fingers curled and uncurled
half-expecting something different, so had I, but when  
uncertainty turned to bordem to anger
we sat as recently divorced: she
had come there expecting anything,
and it was difficult not to give her everything.
I tilted the chair
sat uncomfortably and
distanced myself from myself

3 Mar 07

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tis beauty
 — PollyReg

makes me want to chew clock!!! Excellent line 17
 — PollyReg