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When Judy Disappeared

My parents said
they didn't know
why Judy disappeared
and I thought
she had moved away
when Judy disappeared
I was told
to stay at home
find somewhere else to play
don't ask
all those questions
she'll come back someday
But I wondered
why the silence
when her father disappeared
and I wondered
what was prison
and how long was 30 years
and I wondered
why was incest
a word I shouldn't hear
and I wished
I could ask Judy
but she had disappeared.

3 Mar 07

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The form of three lines per stanza made the poem a little harder to read.

There is a lot of repetition ("I wondered", "she disappeared"). I would enjoy a shorter concise form.

You specify incest on L20, but state your parents didn't tell you anything in S1, so how did you find out? Perhaps describing the conversation you overheard (or however you learned the truth) would pull together the details better.

Good description and subject.
 — rocket