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Home to Roost

Do mother geese recognize their young,
when in full plumage next Summer,
they swim the same rivers,
ride the same air tides?
Do they fret and say,
“Take care of those feathers,
they’re the only ones you have,”
or ask, “Are you getting enough worms?
You look thin!”
Does the new generation
of all living things
fly free of parental bondage,
at least for a season?
My ducklings still follow
my voice, though not
my example.
They have made
their own nests
of twigs and straw
but they come to
sit by me sometimes
and in rare moments,
they let me caress
their brilliant feathers
and pretend they
are not fully fledged.

2 Mar 07

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1. No
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. rare moment indeed.
 — Fallen

Thank you!  Rare indeed.  My baby girl wants me to move to Portland to be near her!  Talk about letting me caress her feathers!  
 — Isabelle5