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For Hegel

Fiery sparks of life
lay rest and fade in tame.
Guilt - the spiteful call it;
the buffoon names it - fame.

2 Mar 07

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Ambitious, but you're a long way from taming Hegel.
Don't get me wrong i enjoyed the poem immensely but i don't think the essence of Hegel can be distilled in 4 lines.
Maybe rename it 'History'
 — unknown

I said it was for Hegel. This is a thought to consider amidst the evolution of the subjective spirit and not a description of Hegel's Phenomenology of the Spirit per se. If you would like to discuss Hegel unknown, I would be more than happy to.  
 — Fox

Hi Fox, it occurred to me later on how 'For Hegel' differs from To Hegel.
           I have just finished reading 'Reason in History' translated by Hartman but
           certainly don't feel qualified to debate ideas that i'm still trying to get my
           mind to grasp. Please, feel free to increase my understanding, and i'd like
           to see more poems like this one.
 — unknown

unknown, is your identity that of the the infamous posadeprisa by any chance?
 — Fox

Isn't google great, i searched for posadeprisa and came up with a link to another poem of yours, http://poetry.tetto.o rg/read/39147/
The odd thing is i should have been looking for
Either way i'm not that person.
 — unknown

go unearth hegel's corpse

and fuck him already.

the way you two sit there.

with your dicks in each other's fist.

penetrate already.
 — bologna