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Back Street Life Sonnet

Just a girl from the suburbs, no-one special;
dressed up in long gloves, veiled hat, old fur,
A Last Picture Show for the connoisseur;
doing the strand knowing street life is artificial.
Sometimes it was hard to be Virginia Plain
standing at a windswept bus stop, repeating  
the mantra 2Hb as the rain kept beating.
Ignore reality with all its sham pain.
True beauty lies in things that are made
by dexterous hands. A taffeta prairie rose,
singular words that slip across her mind,
a blueprint for getting through seldom fades.
It may blur from time to time but never goes
away. Only her borders became realigned.

2 Mar 07

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brilliant sonnet.
 — chuckles

How much do I love thee chuckles?
Let me count the ways :-)
 — opal

it is nice to be loved...

thank you for that!
 — chuckles

 — unknown

Whoa, way too many semi colons!  You have two in the first line!
This needs space, some separation of verses or lines or something, some white to ease the reader's eyes.

What does doing the strand mean?  Not familiar with that phrase.  
Reality is not about 'sham pain,' it really does hurt.  Cute attempt at the humor but it falls a bit flat.  

I read this a couple of times and though you have some thoughts here, I don't find anything to tie them together into coherence.

 — Isabelle5

Opal...I'll be darned.  
 — Isabelle5

Pressed the semi colon button twice - thanks Isabelle. A poem filled with references to Roxy Music songs to place the girl in her time. The petrarchan sonnet form expresses the lyrical feeling and 'doing the strand' is an allusion to one of their songs, as is street life. She knows only too well the real pain of reality, so the reference becomes ironic. Perhap the poem is too referential to the in crowd -oops another roxy aside - comes from over exposure to their songs from a very young age.
 — opal

Well, no wonder I had no clue!  No idea who or what the Roxy music is.  I'll take another reading, now that I understand the references, Opal.
 — Isabelle5


http://w ww.tarkus.org/nybegynnere/roxymusic.jpg

and now

http://www.est.hu/kepek /imgup/regi/est/konnyu/beszamolo/2001-10/a_roxy_music_becsi_konce rtje3.jpg
 — opal

ignore the last one -try this

http://www.auditorium.com/images/images/3409919/roxy-music .jpg
 — opal

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