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Revenge of boyish girls (bologna hates himself more than this poem)

from pink
& boyish
girls -not

1 Mar 07

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transsexuals don't know if they are coming or going.
 — bologna

these arent trannys. fold your pecker backwards it might arouse curiosity from parts quite stinky
 — unknown

I think the format is distracting, but I like the content.
 — SenorSin

I don't understand this but it's an intriguing write.
 — unknown

this is about girls reclaiming their sexuality
 — unknown

reclaiming sexuality isn't reclaiming physicality.

this poem is typical horse shit.

and it really has no depth. there is nothing here. the poem is gone on the first read.

only a person who doesn't know the meaning of "stamen" or "vagrant" would consider this a thought jewel.
 — bologna

haha great job bologna considering you misinterpreted it in the beginning.

its ok sweety sometimes your retardation can overstep its bounds and surprise u
 — unknown

HAH yes totally. a prime example of trying to save face or a farce
 — unknown

transsexual = transgender = inability to hone on identity.

you really are out of your league with me.
 — bologna

and is your poem not about identity?

unlike you. i use poetic devices (ala poetic deceit). you are the one that doesn't understand.
 — bologna

my that was a long response. i m glad your retardation offended you. somewhere theres a nerve ending in bologna. and that is satisfaction enough.

your blurring your words which is what all people do when saving face.

tight translation is your worst enemy.

 — unknown

good luck with your stupidity.
 — bologna

that's the best you can do? damn arent you losing your touch. such comments illustrate a contracted mind and an expanded rectum.

now piss off dummie
 — unknown

what the heck is this, The Brady Bunch?

"bologna, bologna, bologna" (whiny pre-pubescent inflection implied)

your super long title just uglified your poem. way to go
 — unknown

words like actors are necessarily redundant.
 — unknown

seems you murdered bologna
 — unknown

or castrated his stump further?
 — unknown

 — unknown