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Leaking Barrage

Leaking barrage—belligerent blues—
On outfits of fit-fits and hourglass shoes,
Taking their time, on getting me here,
And getting me there, where the sky meets the moon
On a sinking ship that comes and goes
Waxing and waning with light of the day—
Taking and giving (pushing the pull)
As good girls and bad girls keep coming away,
Keep pushing me down, and loving me too;
I’ve always been one, and now that I’m two;
It’s been, and it’s been a hard time for me
Keeping in mind the scolding or care of a woman that’s caring for free;
And ay, to the wind and ay to the sun,
To the stars, the summer and fall.
Branches now spring from my hands
And the sap is dripping from them
My heart is a mess, my mind cannot stress
Yes, (the trials of love have been killing me)
I am growing away from my self
It’s a good thing in fact, but a fact I can’t face
So my face has been turned to a leaf.
Now falling from there, and falling from faith—
Where’s been the summer and fall? —
And all and all, where the breezes been call
And a bird is singing its song:
Beeeeeeeeep beeep beeeeeeeep chirp!

1 Mar 07

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