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take it back

Empty promises and empty apologies, disappointment has replaced you for my companion.
You can not take this back.
But take heart, or have a heart;
this state we’re in came not from fate but from your own empty hands
you do not bow for me
but in submission to the apathy that has become your disease
I used to think my love
was enough for us both
Our dream, our love-
they were our bliss, but somehow you’ve forgotten how your heart glowed by candle light
Our love now soars like a
wet kite in an oak tree
or a butterfly with plucked wings,
trying to get back up and then laying down to die; passion’s stagnant and spoiled. You can’t take this back. So sleep well, with no conscience to ease, sleep in peace, while I cry myself to sleep, home sick for you- crying the tears I wish you’d shed for me; you sleep deep and
dream of better things.
I do not want your pity, I wanted you to care. You say I’ve changed, but you never took the time to know me at all. I’m someone-just not anyone to you.  My heart is broken.
You can not take that back.

28 Feb 07

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