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Abbey Road

This guy is lying
When he says his name is Joe
We’re sitting at a table
By the fire and
Tonight it's the weather and
Not me
Who's cold
To the left
A woman with short wavy hair
She’s missing something
A warm body in her bed
The lights go on
Joe asks for a smoke
“What are you doing here?” I wonder
He doesn’t know
He tells me he’s from Chicago
Runs a limousine company or something
He’s out here in Los Angeles to look at a stretch Hummer
I ask him what color
I mention
Last time I was in one
“It felt like a club inside that thing.”
Girls in short dresses
Grey Goose
And a splash of something pink
He’s not listening
He’s wondering the same thing
“My friends…” I tell him
Well, maybe for me
He nods and says
“You’re curious.”
Well, obviously

27 Feb 07

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