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Side A

hard time frames each soft emotion
I don’t sugar coat hoarfrost     I deep freeze  
up/tight un-sweet heart shoots coarse
blanket statements aimed to please
like minded spit ball pitchers
onlookers sweat Caveat Lector
demolition shapes the prose
life/death scenes set to words  
march out line by line by snap lines
set to dead level a spiked strewn past    
smart remarks sibilantly  hiss
better pissed off than on endings
come easy like [         ]
My center piece is set to rock steady
no skipped heart-beats recorded
I should have left the equalizer alone
side B flips me
inside out……

27 Feb 07

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My center piece is set to rock steady  15
no skipped heart-beats recorded  16
I should have left the equalizer alone  17
side B flips me  18
over  19
inside out……

haha, awesome.  i like that as you read through this piece you think you are going in one direction when suddenly your mind gets jerked into another.  you can hardly catch your breath.  effective.
 — pyrrhonian