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I will Reclaim,

Sulky face, droopy eyes, everything is just an
“I don’t know” lately.
Old enough to make my own decisions, but not mature enough
To make the right ones.
Closing my eyes, brief images of that night flash before me.
My head bangs against the hard, cold tile.
I could only feel your hands tightening around my waist,
I hear you in my head…your deep… deep sighs.
Waking up hours later, a gust of wind blows across my face.
Looking around, I realize I’ve been ‘dumped’ off on the neighborhood street corner.
Confused as hell, I run inside my house and lock myself in my room.
Staring at the reflection in the mirror, I see a girl with
Messed up hair, runny mascara, bruised lips, and red tears.
I will one day reclaim what was taken from me.
I’ve been walking up this road
To find that for every step I take forward,
I’m really going back.
Sometimes it seems like the answer is right in front of me,
Yet I still search.

27 Feb 07

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