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"go away" she says,
with a rediculously large
grin on her face;
her eyes making crestent moons.
scract that, "pretty rainbows."
"ppp, i farted on you!",
its from being around those
those boys...
don't leave the room
'Rozzie Pozzie', if you do,
i'll make a guilty one out
of you.
don't cry, child,
don't cry.
i wouldn't dare leave,
wouldn't dare.
its odd that i apprichiate
the fact she brings new diapers
to me.
shes not a liar, no, not she.
she wont remember being two,
i'll remember for her though -
especially because she made so
many memories for me.
i was a kid too, and yeah,
i'll get old. if i'm lucky, have one
of you. a kid, like you.
sissy, i promise not to take you
for granted.

thrown together with her on my lap

24 Feb 07

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Seriously, the spelling here makes the poem unreadable.
ridiculously (2)
crescent (4)
scratch (5)
it's (7)
it's (18)
appreciate (18)
she's (21)
 — unknown

Spelling. Seriously, fix the spelling. Computers always have spellcheck, USE IT.
 — ashley87

I third the spelling comments.
 — rocket

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