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i go up to breakfast to eat with my family
my mum, dad, younger brother and me
pancakes and eggs, and everything delicious,
we talk about everything
school, work and the nice breeze
from the open window blowing into our faces
we are all smiling and loving eachother's company.
it couldnt get any where better when i waken.
waken from the loud voices of my parents
yelling at eachother, with my brother curled up.
curled up in the corner
i just lay back down, in my coverless bed,
trying to dream more lovely dreams
and trying to get away from this hell

24 Feb 07

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Get rid of everything extraneous, as in
'I go up to breakfast with my family'
delete 'everything ' from L4
Go through the lines and continue the above process
 — unknown

I am bisexual and proud of it.
 — unknown

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