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Cooling Down to Fall in Love - Repost as req.

When the hours grow silent,
when seconds no longer scream
your name, does that mean love has ended?
Not at all, my friend.
The frenetic pace of new romance,
if extended, would melt the bones
of lovers and make their minds explode.
If we need moans and sweat
to keep us touching,
then leave me now,
while you are still insistent on it –
otherwise, be still
and know that silent tides
beneath the crash of waves
carry the shells to shore.
Look at this mother-of-pearl,
warming against your thumb.
Would you prefer my rage
or does this gentle submission
fill all your greedy needs?

22 Feb 07

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Oh Isabelle, what a way to say this.  I love it!
I know it's you because I read the request in the message board last week.  
I had read this poem when you first posted, but did not know it was yours.
I could send this poem to a few women I am close with (who are terribly misguided when it comes to the meaning of love), I'm sure it would shed light.  
As for me, I adore the stillness with the one I love, (and the sweat!).
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks, Jen.  I think perhaps we all have to go through the agony before we realize that real love should not continue to be the pins and needles for the rest of your lives!  Which is not to say that getting excited when you get to see your mate again isn't a good thing.  My son-in-law still hunts down my daughter when he gets home from anywhere and, mindless of who is watching, he kisses her like they have been apart for months.  I always applaud!  hahaha
 — Isabelle5

It's amazing!
 — dream

Yes, glad to see this back! Brilliant!
 — JustineCH

extremely cheezy
 — unknown

This is perfect.
 — Andiam

Perfect cheez! I couldn't help it!
 — unknown