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Survival or Country Club Life

I could sit and worry
Why my children seldom call
Could contemplate my aches and pains
So I'd never smile at all
My spouse, perhaps , is cranky
Cause the market's in a slump
I run to the fitness center
Find myself some iron to pump
A friend's having problems
With a grandchild that's a fool
I tell her to grab a towel
We'll do laps at the pool
You'll see some folks at dinner
While their troubles aren't the same
They smile through their makeup
And we play the 'kiss-kiss" game
Miserable is the mood that
You most surely want to change
Take it out on the golf balls
Provided on the range
Put on your skinny new jeans
Hear a concert with some friends
Take comfort in their warmness
'Cause the nonsense never ends
The world is in an awful mess
With problems of every sort
If you should want advice from me
I'll be on the tennis court

20 Feb 07

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This yr first poem here? A bit gloomy, but a good synopsis of life in general :-). L28 tennis, L27 advice.
 — JustineCH

Just joined today   Hope to read a lot of your work .  Thanks for the critique
 — jbberg