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Get Comfortable

I have done it again
this place is feeling like home
and when I leave again
it will only be a feild trip
but you have the view
you should see the way
the world spin from here
the way the people
spill their souls out
on cracked stained sidewalks
but the smiles they keep
while they slide
their suddle blades across
the place
where the your spine used to be
everyone one running backwards
in slow motion
with their eyes closed
just happy to be on their feet
but I lie here
with back on rock bottom
but its the only thing in the world
that doesnt fall apart
now my eyes are open
and my legs have no where to be
I feel almost content
so i sit here
and write my tombstone
"Here lies a boy, who
laid on stained sidewalks
because he figured out the world"
but you can't blame me
home is where
the heart is

20 Feb 07

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